What Does It Mean To Get An Aggie Ring?

Why do Aggies wear rings?

The tradition of the Aggie Ring dates back to 1889, when the first Rings featured the letters “AMC” entwined on the crest.

Traditionally, students wear the Ring with the class year facing them to signify that their time at A&M is not yet complete..

What year do you get your Aggie ring?

Undergraduate Students: The Class year must either be four years from the first semester at college or the year of graduation from TAMU, and must be one in which the student was in attendance at TAMU. Graduate Students: The Class year must be the year of graduation.

What does Aggie mean?

What is an Aggie? An Aggie is a student at Texas A&M. In the early 1900s, Texas A&M students were referred to as “Farmers.” The term Aggie began to be used in the 1920s, and in 1949, when the yearbook changed its name from The Longhorn to Aggieland, Aggie became the official student body nickname.

How do I pay for my Aggie ring?

Accepted forms of payment are:Cash.Check (made payable to Aggie Ring Program.Any major credit/debit card (cardholder must be present or an invoice with a payment link can be emailed to the cardholder at the time of order; if invoiced, payment is due within five days of placing your Ring order)

What is ring day in high school?

Ring ceremonies typically take place in the fall of the school year. For the Juniors, they are celebrating their newly-gained status as upperclassmen, and for the Seniors, they are celebrating their final year in high school. … It is traditionally the teachers at the school who give the rings to the students.

Why is the Aggie ring such a big deal?

For many Aggies, if not all, the Ring represents both school ties and personal accomplishment. Rae Oldham ’77 said, “It signified to me that I had passed 92 (or it may have been 95) hours of college credit when I ordered my Ring.

What happens on Aggie Ring Day?

What is an Aggie Ring Day Ticket? Your Aggie Ring Day Ticket reserves your spot in an assigned group and gives you and your guests entrance into the Haynes Ring Plaza and the Alumni Center when your group number is called. Only the student picking up an Aggie Ring needs an Aggie Ring Day Ticket.

Where is the big Aggie ring?

Haynes Ring PlazaHuge Class Ring In 2009, A&M University received a 12-foot-tall bronze replica of the Aggie Ring. It is on Haynes Ring Plaza, behind the Alumni Center.

How many hours do you need to graduate from Texas A&M?

120 hoursA minimum of 120 hours is required for a Texas A&M undergraduate degree. Some degree programs require additional hours (see specific degree requirements for each major in this catalog).

Who gives you your Aggie ring?

To pick up your Aggie Ring, you will need your Ring Ticket and two forms of identification. Your Ring Ticket reserves your spot in the assigned group and gives you and your guests entrance into the Haynes Ring Plaza and the Alumni Center when your group number is called.

What is an Aggie ring dunk?

For decades, though unsanctioned and discouraged by the University, an unofficial tradition among willing students involves “dunking” the newly acquired Aggie Ring. The Ring is dropped in a pitcher of beer and the student chugs the entire pitcher and catches the Ring in his or her teeth.

Do grad students get class rings?

No. I have several friends who enjoyed grad school much more than undergrad. So, they wear the class ring from their grad school. It is not the normal, but it’s perfectly acceptable.

How much is an Aggie ring?

Ordering an Aggie Ring: All of the information from pricing (Men’s start around $1000 and women’s are around$600 – new pricing will be available for the next ordering period) to the history of the ring, can be found on the Association of Former Students web page .

What does getting an Aggie ring mean?

The Aggie Ring is the most visible symbol of the Aggie Network that connects Aggies around the world. Dating back over a hundred years, it is a tradition that is deep in symbolism. Every symbol represents values every Aggie should hold: Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service.

How do I know if I qualify for an Aggie ring?

Check your eligibility for the April Ring Day and order your Ring at tx.ag/OrderAggieRing or by visiting AggieNetwork.com.

How do I resize my Aggie ring?

Rings under warranty can be resized free of charge.Rings can be resized up or down 2 sizes, depending on their condition. … Resizing your Aggie Ring may require re-engraving your name. … Resizing a Ring not under warranty or that was manufactured prior to 1972 costs $16.24.More items…

How do you get an Aggie ring?

To be eligible to order an Aggie Ring as an undergraduate or professional school student, you must have:90 total completed undergraduate or professional hours.45 completed institution undergraduate or professional hours.2.0 minimum cumulative GPR.More items…