Quick Answer: Who Is Morgan L In The My Pillow Commercial?

Who played the Wendy’s girl?

Morgan Smith GoodwinShe’s the Wendy’s Girl.

The actress who has played the all-knowing, slightly kooky burger lover for two years is a 28-year-old Alabama native named Morgan Smith Goodwin.

(She added her second surname after marrying Dave Goodwin, manager of New York City restaurant Gramercy Tavern.).

Who is the woman in the Trintellix commercial?

Helena MattssonHelena Mattsson (born 30 March 1984) is a Swedish actress living and working in Hollywood….Helena MattssonOccupationActressYears active2004–present2 more rows

Who is the lady in the Walgreens commercial?

Bebe RexhaCelebrate with your families, bake a cake, throw your caps in the air and dance just as hard at home! Check out the new Walgreens ad below, featuring Bebe Rexha and her new song – then head over to photo.walgreens.com for unique photo gifts and special offers to help celebrate your own 2020 graduate.

Who is in the new Secret commercial?

In line with the brand, the women chosen for following their passions and not ‘sweating’ the obstacles in their paths are the Brazilian-American actress Camila Mendes, Olympic gold medalist Swin Cash, actress and entrepreneur Shenae Grimes-Beech and fitness mega-influencer Ainsley Rodriguez.

Who sings the song on the new Walgreens commercial?

Bebe RexhaWalgreens TV Commercial, ‘Here’s to 2020’ Featuring Bebe Rexha, Song by Bebe Rexha – iSpot.tv.

Who is the hot girl in the peloton commercial?

Actress Monica RuizActress Monica Ruiz in a screenshot from a Peloton bike commercial. The star of Peloton’s controversial bike commercial isn’t backpedaling her participation in the now-infamous ad. But she does want everyone to know she’s OK.

How did Wendy’s get its name?

Wendy’s was named after a real redheaded girl who wore pigtails. Here’s how the fast-food chain got its name. Wendy’s was founded by Dave Thomas in Columbus, Ohio, in 1969. He named the chain after his daughter, Melinda “Wendy” Thomas.

Who is the actress in the always commercial?

Lisa WilliamsonLisa Williamson (I)

What is the song on the new Walgreens commercial?

Walgreens TV Commercial, ‘The Walk of Life: Medicare’ Song by Dire Straits – iSpot.tv.

Who is singing in Walgreens graduation commercial?

Bebe Rexha— Walgreens has launched a graduation celebration television spot for the class of 2020 with the help of singer, songwriter Bebe Rexha.

Is the Wendy’s girl still alive?

Melinda Lou “Wendy” Thomas-Morse (born September 14, 1961) is the daughter and fourth child of American businessman Dave Thomas, the founder of the fast food brand Wendy’s. Morse is best known for being the namesake and mascot of the brand. She uses the name Wendy Thomas in her role as a spokesperson for Wendy’s.

Where did the Wendy’s girl come from?

Wendy was actually born Melinda Lou Thomas, but according to the New York Times, her siblings had difficulty pronouncing her name and called her “Wenda.” Thus, the nickname Wendy was born. In 1969, when she was 8-years-old, her father Dave Thomas opened his dream fast food joint and named it after her.

Who is the blonde in the lawsuit commercials?

Carly FoulkesCarly FoulkesBornAugust 4, 1988 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaNationalityCanadianOccupationModel, television commercial actressModeling information5 more rows