Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between A Drum Sander And A Belt Sander?

How long does a sanding belt last?

The abrasives we sell at Pete’s have very distinct lifespans; drum sander belts should last between 250 and 300 square feet each and edger discs should be changed every 20 linear feet..

What happens if you don’t sand between coats of polyurethane?

Failing to sand between coats of polyurethane does not have a significant impact on the finish. Even so, I still advise that you sand between the coats when applying polyurethane as this will help increase the adhesion between the layers to give you a more level finish.

What is the best type of sander to buy?

Various types of sander can be used to sand flooring, but the most efficient option will be a drum floor sander. When it comes to flat surfaces and finishing work, an orbital sander will generally work just as well as a random orbital sander!

Is a drum sander worth it?

A stationary drum sander is a great tool for a smoothing everything from narrow strips to wide panels, while producing parts of consistent thickness. … Better units, like the SuperMax 16-32 shown here (with its 16″-wide drum, and open-end design), may cost more than a sander with a drum housed on both ends.

Should I use a drum or orbital sander?

If you need to screen a floor in preparation for a new top coat of clear finish, an orbital sander is the right machine. These sanders typically have a rectangular sanding surface, so they’re better able to get to the edges of a floor and into corners than drum sanders.

Does a drum sander flatten?

The thing about these relatively small drum sanders is the infeed and outfeed rollers that hold the work down don’t really exert much pressure like a planer does, and therefore they don’t force the stock flat to the table.

What is the best sander for wood?

BEST OVERALL: Makita 18V Random Orbit Sander.BEST VALUE: DEWALT Random Orbit Sander.BEST FOR PROS: Dynabrade Air Random Orbital Sander.BEST FOR TIGHT SPOTS: Chicago Pneumatic Mini Random Orbital Sander.

Who makes the best drum sander?

5 Best Drum Sanders ReviewsJet Drum Sander. Almost all of the power tools made by Jet are of high quality that makes them highly reliable and durable in comparison to other options. … Grizzly Drum Sander. … Powermatic Drum Sander. … Shop Fox Drum Sander. … Supermax Tools Drum Sander.

How much sandpaper do I need for a drum sander?

For the large drum sander, we used about 12 sheets of 24 grit, 8 sheets of 40 grit paper, 8 sheets of 80 grit paper and 5 sheets of 120 grit paper. For the edging sander, we used about the same amount of each grit again.

What do you use a drum sander for?

Drum sanders are great for fine surfacing or sanding wood, especially figured woods that tear out under planer blades, but it is not the best tool for removing large amounts of wood, such as you would do when leveling glued up boards or surfacing stock.”

Can you use a belt sander to sand hardwood floors?

The handheld belt sander can sand off old finish and sand out dents and scratches much more easily than the previous sanders. While it won’t keep up with the speed of a normal floor sander, the hand held belt sander will get the job moving forward with reasonable speed.