Quick Answer: What Are Some Quirky Traits?

What is a quirky person like?

You could probably call her quirky, meaning she’s unconventional and has a strange mix of traits that somehow end up being kind of interesting or charming.

This informal all-purpose term can be used to describe anything that doesn’t quite fit in..

What is an example of quirky?

The definition of quirky is a strange or unique action or personality. An example of quirky is someone riding a unicycle in Manhattan while wearing a pink tutu.

Is Quirky an insult?

Quirky is definitely a compliment, leaning more toward fun and interesting than strange. I usually associate “quirky” with r/notlikeothergirls type of stuff. I’ve been called quirky lots, I’ve always taken it to mean “different, not normal”. Friends calling me weird while trying to be nice.

What is quirky behavior?

Eccentricity (also called quirkiness) is unusual or odd behavior on the part of an individual. This behavior would typically be perceived as unusual or unnecessary, without being demonstrably maladaptive. … People who consistently display benignly eccentric behavior are labeled as “eccentrics.”

What’s another word for quirky?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for quirky, like: cranky, bizarre, quaint, queer, peculiar, singular, comical, curious, erratic, freakish and odd.

Is being quirky a bad thing?

People who are quirky are just weird enough to be interesting and intriguing but not weird enough to repel. Someone who’s quirky has a few odd traits and habits but is not creepy or off-putting. “Quirky” really means lovable because of your faults, not in spite of them.

What is a quirky girl?

A quirky girl can be an adorable fashion plate or a lovably awkward nerd. The main thing quirky women seem to have in common is that they refuse to follow the rules – but their rebellion is perceived as cheerful or appealingly child-like, accompanied by a smile.

Is Quirky positive or negative?

To an extremely conventional person, anything even slightly unconventional might be perceived as quirky, and thus negative. For most people, a quirk is interesting or even endearing. It is certainly something that attracts attention. There is nothing inherently bad about a quirk.

What personality traits are most attractive?

A positive attitude, a balanced extroversion and confidence have been revealed as the most attractive qualities, in both sexes. Psychologists say these three personality qualities not only make someone more attractive to the opposite sex but also prove they can get on with anyone.

What is a weird quirk?

Someone who has one or many quirks is said to be quirky — a little odd, but usually in a fun way. When it’s not being used to describe people’s unusual traits, quirk can mean a quick curve, or a groove, that runs along or separates the molding in a building.

How do you act quirky?

Quirky people are often described as happy and energetic. Don’t be negative or judgmental. Try to maintain a positive attitude and always look at the upside of a situation rather than the downside. For example, if you miss your train for a vacation you can say something like “Well, at least it’s nice outside!

What does quirky mean in English?

: having many quirks : unusual in especially an interesting or appealing way a quirky sense of humor quirky ideas/behavior a quirky and creative artist …