Quick Answer: Is It Correct Have You Eaten?

Is eated a word?

(nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of eat..

Have you eaten yet means?

In a more Western context, “have you eaten yet” is more something you’d ask someone if you have plans for the day, like doing business, or going out to shop or see a movie, etc.

Did you eat your lunch?

1) “Have you had lunch?” is preferred. The phrasing suggests that you’re asking something about how the person currently is, specifically whether he is hungry. If you were asking about events from a week ago, then “did you have your lunch?” would be equally as good as “had you eaten/had your lunch?”

What is the difference between eaten and eating?

As adjectives the difference between eating and eaten is that eating is suitable to be eaten without being cooked while eaten is (especially in combination) that has been consumed by eating.

How do you use eat and ate in a sentence?

You can use “Ate” as a verb to simplify other sentences, for example: “I ate today” rather than “I have eaten today”. Ate is the preterite conjugation of eat and is used when conjugating without the verbs “do” or “have” (therefore, you do not use “ate” when asking a question, only when stating a fact).

What is v1 v2 v3 v4 v5?

Answer: v1 is present ,v2 past ,v3 past participate ,v4 present participate, v5 simple present.

Is Have you eaten correct?

No, it is not, and what you need is “Have you eaten?” “Ate” is past perfect, and “eaten” is the past participle.

How do you use eaten in a sentence?

Eaten sentence examplesWe have just eaten our breakfast. … He’d eaten neither lunch nor dinner. … I haven’t eaten real food in weeks. … She felt as if she hadn’t just eaten a large breakfast. … Haven’t eaten real food in weeks. … Have you ever eaten GMO foods?More items…

What tense is I have eaten?

Hi Renas, ‘ I have eaten’ is a Present Perfect tense, linking the past with the present.

Did you eat already or have you eaten?

In sum, the correct expression is “Have you eaten,” where HAVE is the auxiliary verb and EATEN in the past participle.

Is it I haven’t ate or eaten?

“I haven’t eaten anything” is correct. This is because ‘eaten’ is the past participle of the verb ‘to eat’, and the perfect tense is formed by the present tense of the verb to have followed by the past participle.