Question: Who Is Eligible For A Greek Passport?

How do you qualify for a Greek passport?

Who is eligible for Greek citizenship, a Greek passport and Greek national ID via ancestry, origin or descent.

a) A child born in Greece to at least one parent (biological mother/father) of Greek origin, ethnicity or descent.

b) A child born outside Greece to a mother or father born in Greece..

How do I get dual citizenship in Greece?

Dual Citizenship GreeceCITIZENSHIP BY BIRTH. Those born out of wedlock are automatically Greek if born to a Greek mother. … CITIZENSHIP BY DESCENT.CITIZENSHIP BY NATURALIZATION.CITIZENSHIP BY Marriage. However, before 1984, a woman marrying a Greek citizenship acquired Greek citizenship automatically.CITIZENSHIP BY ADOPTION.

How do I become a Greek citizen through marriage?

In order to obtain a residence permit, the spouse of a Greek citizen, must submit to the competent Decentralized Administration a certified copy of his/her passport, together with the relevant visa or temporary or permanent residence permit, marriage registration certificate, copy of the Greek citizen’s ID and the …

Can you buy Greek citizenship?

Yes, you can become a Greek citizen by making an investment in Greece and obtaining the Golden Visa. However, unlike residency, you cannot apply for Greek citizenship without actually living there and paying taxes. You must live in Greece for at least seven years before being eligible to apply for citizenship.

Can you have dual citizenship in the US and Greece?

The United States and Greece allow you the privilege of holding both citizenships without conflict, as long as you meet the requirements of each country and do not commit the voluntary expatriating acts listed below. * Article last updated December 2, 2014.

Which country is easiest to get citizenship?

Here are five of the easiest countries to gain citizenship.Mexico. The largest amount of American emigrants are living in Mexico. … Canada. How well you know Canada is important to your citizenship application. … Ireland. Irish heritage goes a long way for acquiring citizenship. … Paraguay. … Israel.

How much does a Greek passport cost?

Greek passportPurposeIdentificationEligibilityGreek citizenshipExpiration3 years after issuance for individuals up to the age of 14; 5 years for adultsCost€84.40 (adults) / €73.60 (children)5 more rows

How long does it take to get a Greek passport?

approximately 4-5 weeksThe required time for the completion of this process is approximately 4-5 weeks. We kindly inform you that, in order to apply or renew your passport, an appointment is required with the relevant Greek Consular Authority in the USA.

How do I get Greek citizenship in Australia?

In order to obtain the Certificate of Registration, Greek citizens, permanently residing in Australia, apply through the local Greek Consular Authorities, which in turn transmit the application to the competent Greek (Municipal) Authorities, who issue the Certificate of Registration.

How much money do you need to retire in Greece?

There are some more expensive areas – neighborhoods with other expats do typically cost more – but you can still expect to pay less than $1,000 in the most expensive areas. All in all, you can expect to live comfortably on a budget of $1,800 each month. However, you could potentially cut your costs even more.

How can I get permanent residency in Greece?

But if you want to settle in Greece, you will have to go through the procedure of permanent residence registration and citizenship in general order. You will need to stay in Greece for at least 183 days a year and could apply for permanent residence in 5 years. You can apply for Greek citizenship after 10 to 12 years.

Can foreigners buy land in Greece?

Any foreigner can become a homeowner in Greece. The country does not apply any restrictions on purchase. … There is no land registry in Greece (except in a few cities including Athens), so it is necessary to have a lawyer’s assistance before signing any sales agreement.

How do I get a Greek ID card?

Getting your first Greek national ID Go to the police station or consulate (in Germany and Cyprus only) to issue a Greek national ID. Some require appointments; others do not. If police need to request your Greek citizenship records, it may take a few days and you will be asked to come back.

Which Greek Island has the cheapest property?

10 Charming Greek Island Villas You Can Buy For A BargainMavrata, Kefalonia – €60 000. … Myrina, Limnos – €75 000. … Chora, Tinos – €63 000. … Vothonas, Santorini – €140 000. … Ermoupoli, Syros – €59 000. … Kanala, Kythnos – €110 000. … Poseidonia, Syros – €97 000. … Ioulida, Kea – €105 000.