Question: Where Was Gainsborough Born?

What is a Gainsborough?

a mullein (plants in the genus Verbascum) cultivar.

Gainsborough, a brand of Manchester, owned by Charles Parsons..

What kind of pictures did Thomas Gainsborough paint?

His landscapes are of idyllic scenes. During his last years he also painted seascapes and idealized full-size pictures of rustics and country children.

Where did Gainsborough live bath?

In 1759, Gainsborough and his family moved to Bath, living at number 17 The Circus. There, he studied portraits by van Dyck and was eventually able to attract a fashionable clientele.

When was Gainsborough born?

May 14, 1727Thomas Gainsborough/Date of birth

How did Thomas Gainsborough die?

Gainsborough died of cancer on 2 August 1788.