Question: What Is The Noun Of Tolerate?

Is avoider a word?

avoider n.

One who carries anything away, or the vessel in which things are carried away.

avoider n.

One who avoids, shuns, or escapes..

What is the antonym of avoid?

Antonyms of AVOID allow, contract, legislate, endorse, confront, validate, enact, command, authorize, establish, incur, mandate, decree, permit, legitimize, warrant, catch, sanction, welcome, legalize, found, legitimate, embrace, pursue, lay down, seek, approve, prescribe, ratify, institute, order, pass, clear.

What is the abstract noun for tolerate?

For example, one can form the abstract noun “tolerance” from the verb “tolerate.”

What is the verb of avoid?

verb (used with object) to keep away from; keep clear of; shun: to avoid a person; to avoid taxes; to avoid danger. to prevent from happening: to avoid falling.

What is a word for avoid?

Some common synonyms of avoid are elude, escape, eschew, evade, and shun. While all these words mean “to get away or keep away from something,” avoid stresses forethought and caution in keeping clear of danger or difficulty.

What is the noun of explain?

“Explain” is a verb which means – to describe something. The Noun form of it is – “explanation”.

What is the verb form of conclusion?

conclude. (intransitive) To end; to come to an end. (transitive) To bring to an end; to close; to finish. (transitive) To bring about as a result; to effect; to make.

What part of speech is the word avoid?

inflectionsavoidpart of speech:transitive verbinflections:avoids, avoiding, avoided5 more rows

What is the noun form of avoid?

noun. the act of avoiding or keeping away from: the avoidance of scandal; the avoidance of one’s neighbors.

What is the abstract noun for generous?

GenerousnessHere is your answer, The abstract noun for Generous is:- Generousness.

What is it called when you avoid work?

Present participle for to avoid one’s lessons or work. skiving. shirking. malingering. truanting.

What is the noun of destroyed?

destroy is a verb, destructive is an adjective, destruction is a noun:The bombs destroyed the factory.

Is destroy a verb or noun?

Word family (noun) destroyer destruction (adjective) indestructible destructive (verb) destroy (adverb) destructively.

Is Antidestructive a word?

Opposing or preventing destruction.

What is the abstract noun for describe?

abstract noun of describe is description.

How do you prevent something?

Synonymsprevent. verb. to stop something from happening.stop. verb. to prevent someone from doing something, or to prevent something from happening.avoid. verb. to try to prevent something from happening.interfere with. phrasal verb. … head off. phrasal verb. … avert. verb. … prohibit. verb. … squash. verb.More items…

What is the synonym and antonym of avoid?

Synonyms. eschew bypass get around dodge get by shirk skirt escape fudge get off keep off duck sidestep parry go around evade elude shun put off stay off miss circumvent get away shy away from get out short-circuit hedge. Antonyms. confront stay in place truth stand still refrain.