Question: How Do You Make An Exhibition Successful?

What is an exhibition plan?

Exhibition planning is an engaging process.

Exhibitions are experiences; they provide communication of ideas, information, feelings and values.

Although there is no set method for planning an exhibit, there are general guidelines that professionals follow..

How do you follow up after an event?

Here are some ways you can follow-up with your guests:Send a thank you email. … Send a “sorry we missed you” email to no-shows. … Create a post-event page. … Ask them to fill out a post-event survey. … Have your sales or customer teams personally follow-up. … Share relevant content. … Send them an invitation to another event.

How do you follow up with leads after an event?

How Best to Follow-Up Your Event LeadsPlan Ahead. Don’t wait till after your event to plan your follow-up procedure. … Make the Right Impression. Making contact as soon as possible is crucial in transforming your prospects into paying customers. … Tailor your Approach. … Don’t Forget a ‘Call to Action’ … Consider the Sequence. … Interpret your Data.

How do you manage an exhibition?

We’ve put together a couple of useful planning tips that will help your company stand out and succeed at every exhibition:Review budgets against actual expenditure. … Create an event schedule. … Create a Brief. … Location, location, location. … Know your neighbours. … Make an impact. … Use a multi-channel approach.

How do you make an exhibition?

How To Prepare For An Exhibition1 – Research. First up, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of actually researching the relevant shows and deciding which make the most sense for you and your business. … 2 – Budget Sensibly. … 3 – Book Early. … 4 – Marketing Push. … 5 – Booth Preparation. … 6 – Prepare Your Pitch. … 7 – Choose Your Team Wisely.

What makes a good exhibition space?

The keys to creating a successful exhibition stand are visibility, accessibility and visual impact. When selecting an exhibition space it’s important to avoid proximity to any physical barriers that may obscure your stand or detract from its effectiveness.

How do you attract customers to your exhibition stand?

Ten ways to attract visitors to your exhibition standGet the right look and feel. Your stand is your shop window – a direct invitation to “Come on in!”. … Remember, small is beautiful, too. … Tell suppliers what you want. … Go for instant brand recognition. … Get creative. … Stick to your budget. … Beware giveaways. … Chat with the event organiser.More items…

How do you create an exhibition space?

Here are a few top tips to on how to design an exhibition space and ensure your next exhibition is a success.Plan Your Exhibition Design. … Keep Their Attention. … Be Bold and Creative. … Design It Interactive. … Develop an App. … Focus on your Brand Identity. … Graphics Layout. … Video and Animation.More items…

What are the types of exhibition?


How do I make an exhibition checklist?

Check list that help you ace your next exhibition standDo a thorough reconnaissance. … Evaluate the hall layouts and decide on the best site for your exhibition stand, study and understand the exhibition organizer’s manual, this will help avert any nasty surprises in future.Draw up an exhibition budget.Book your space.More items…•

What do you do after an exhibition?

Here are some important after show steps to take!Express Appreciation. … Show Off Your Star Quality. … Give Acknowledgements and Rewards. … Put Your Accounts in Order. … Plan Ahead. … Moving Forward with Strength and Confidence. … Visit Shan Fannin’s website Shan Fannin in Social Media.More items…