How Do You Preserve Old Paper Documents?

What is the main purpose of preservation?

Preservation—The protection of cultural property through activities that minimize chemical and physical deterioration and damage and that prevent loss of informational content.

The primary goal of preservation is to prolong the existence of cultural property..

What element is used to preserve old documents?

inert gas argonThe enclosure is hermetically sealed and filled with the inert gas argon instead of oxygen, because oxygen reacts with the materials in paper and ink to degrade them. The argon maintains the atmospheric pressure that the air would normally exert on the map.

How do you protect a paper document?

5 Tips For Protecting Paper DocumentsHave a Records Retention Plan. First, protect vital documents from being carelessly tossed aside and never stored to begin with. … Implement Security Protocols. … Consider Off-Site Storage. … Dispose of Documents Safely. … Scan and Digitize Documents.

What can you do with old family photos?

It’s a Great Time to Go Through Old Photos—How to Print, Share, and Display ThemHow to (privately) share photos with friends and family. … Digitize old photos. … Finally print out your favorites. … Make a photo book or calendar (or mug or pillow). … Turn them into wall art.

What can I put on paper to make it waterproof?

Spray It. Clear polyurethane coating, clear acrylic spray paint and lacquer spray sealers — all waterproof paper. These sprays are relatively inexpensive and available in various finishes, such as matte, satin, glossy and high-gloss.

How many years of bank statements should be kept?

one yearKey Takeaways. Most bank statements should be kept accessible in hard copy or electronic form for one year, after which they can be shredded. Anything tax-related such as proof of charitable donations should be kept for at least three years.

How do you make homemade paper waterproof?

Wax MethodLay the paper on a flat, dry surface.Use a round candle (use scented for a unique, sensational scent, or a colored candle such as blue, for a fun, creative touch) and rub on paper. Do this over the front and back until the paper has a slick, waxy feel. … Practice on a separate piece of paper.

How do you preserve information?

PRESERVATION AND CONSERVATION OF INFORMATIONConservation and Preservation. … Paper and Books. … Photographs. … Motion Picture Film, Audiotape, and Videotape. … Phonograph Records. … Computer Disks, Compact Discs, and DVDs. … Facsimiles and Reformatting. … Microfilm.More items…

How do you preserve history?

10 Tips to Preserve Places from the Recent PastForm a volunteer group. Gather fellow residents who care about preserving your community’s recent past places. … Offer tours. … Host special events. … Submit a nomination to an endangered places list.

How do I store old certificates?

Keep It Safe Original birth certificates should always be kept safe and in a place where you will be able to easily find them. This being the case, consider keeping the original documents in a home safe or a safe deposit box, as recommended in an article from Safewise.

What is the best way to keep old photos?

Experts say that the best way to preserve old photos is to store them in archival boxes, handle them sparingly and never expose them to light. See also: How to date your old family photos.

How do you preserve old photos and documents?

Choose the Right Materials. Store your pictures and clippings in archival-grade materials to keep decay at bay. These are mostly folders, boxes and liners made from stable plastics and acid-free paper. The Archival Methods website offers a range of these products to choose from.

How do you handle old documents?

How to Preserve Old Family DocumentsWash your hands to avoid transferring oils to paper and work on a clean, flat surface.Carefully unfold the document and remove any staples, pins or fasteners. … Place each item in an acid-free, lignin-free folder or archival plastic enclosure.More items…•